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Signage and


Defining your corporate brand is integral to your interior design and professional presentation of your practice.

Throughout the interior design process, we will consider your corporate branding and presentation of your practice. We can develop a new logo and corporate presence or incorporate your existing logo and branding.

With the integration of our graphic design consultants and signage design companies, we will develop your corporate and practice brand to allow you to start your practice marketing ready for your practice grand opening.


Our practice design incorporates the signage and graphics to enhance your practice presentation.

These graphics are a great opportunity to show case your branding, communicate your vision and make your practice feel safe and inviting.

Decal films give great privacy options whilst allowing the use of glass walling to give that sense of opening planning and a better use of natural light for your practice.

Business Planning

and Finance

Company Structure and Tax Planning – Setting the right foundation…

At Oracle Dental Design, one of the first considerations is “what is your business plan” These strategies and principles are important elements that will define your business goals and objectives.

We can assist you throughout this process and introduce you to our expert and specialist consultants to develop the important business and company structures. We work with specialist dental accountants and business advisors to develop defined structures to operate a dental practice.

Lease Negotiations and

Property Acquisitions

Professional negotiation of your lease or purchasing the right property is one of the most important decisions…

Oracle Dental Design network of commercial property agents are experienced in the sourcing and selection of practice locations. We have direct access to property developers of commercial and medical developments, allowing you to have first access to these professional complexes and desirable locations.

Through our skilled associates and Oracle Dental Designs experience in these complex decisions we can assist in high lighting important planning issues, building constructability matters and current market valuations to maximise your return.

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